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Refreshing cool drink with honey



    1/4gr Krokos Kozanis (saffron)
    1 cup of thyme honey
    1 lit of ice-cold water
    3-4 lemon slices
    5-6 orange slices
    2 tbs of lemon juice
    2-4 sprigs of mint


Add 1/4gr of saffron into a hot cup of water for a few hours. Then, pour into a big glass jar and add a cup of thyme honey and one liter of ice-cold water. Stir until the honey is diluted and taste the mixture for its sweetness. Cut 3-4 unpeeled lemon slices and 5-6 orange and apple slices, also unpeeled, and add them into the jar. Add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and ice cubes. Use 3-4 sprigs of mint to stir the drink.

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